Another MLB season, another year in which the world wins some free Taco Bell thanks to the first stolen base of the World Series .

It's one of the most famous promotions in sports and has returned in 2019 for a seventh straight World Series. This time, it was an extremely quick cash-in for hungry baseball fans. 

The Nationals and Astros officially kicked off the 2019 World Series on Tuesday night in Houston, and it took just three pitches to secure the bag (of tacos). Trea Turner slapped a base hit off Gerrit Cole two pitches into the first inning, then wasted no time swiping second base. Turner was running on the very first pitch of the next at-bat and he slid in safely after a first-pitch curveball to Adam Eaton.

Thanks to Taco Bell's annual promotion, the thievery means that the chain will be giving away Doritos Locos Tacos next week. 

Not only was it the quickest taco redemption in postseason baseball history (a real stat, trust us) but it also came guessed it...a Tuesday. That's right, a happy and historic Taco Tuesday for all. 

LeBron James was a little preoccupied with his own sport on Tuesday night but one has to assume this will come as welcome news to the NBA's official taco spokesperson. Now it's on James to find a way for basketball fans to cash in on free tacos during the NBA Finals, and it's on the rest of us to find a way to make sure Tacko Fall does the honors.