Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James gave fans a look into another one of his family's taco Tuesday nights this week, and the most recent one includes a special guest. 

Taco Tuesdays at the James residence has been the place to be for years, and the newest addition to the squad is Anthony Davis. 

Wearing a shirt saying "It's Tuesday Somewhere" with a taco on it in the video, James pans around the table to each dinner guest and family member. 

Each person responds to James' question, "what is it" with "taco Tuesday," though some are more enthusiastic than others. 

Teammate Anthony Davis makes a surprise visit at the end of the video with LeBron saying, "we have new people here for taco night," before introducing a laughing A.D.  

Davis and James will team up next season on the Lakers for A.D.'s first year with the team. 

James originally planned to give his taco Tuesday buddy number 23 ahead of the season until Nike blocked the gesture