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The NBA only has two games on tap for Thursday night, both on TNT, and all eyes will be on the opener as the Brooklyn Nets face off against the Philadelphia 76ers ... in Philly ... with Ben Simmons expected to be on Brooklyn's bench. Do you think that crowd is going to be a little rowdy? 

Just in case, the Sixers, according to John Clark of NBC Philadelphia, will be upping their security presence to a playoff-game level. Clark also notes that tickets prices have soared ahead of the anticipated matchup. 

"Our fans are so silent, I can't imagine anything happening," a sarcastic Doc Rivers said earlier this week when asked what he felt the atmosphere would be like for Simmons' return, eliciting a collective chuckle from the group of reporters on hand. 

For a while, there was a thought that Simmons might perhaps make his return to the floor in this game. That would've been bonkers. But again, just his being on the bench is going to light the fuse inside that building. If anyone wants to do or say anything dumb, the Sixers will have the security presence they need to squash it. That's probably a wise decision.