Things continue to go from bad to worse for the Cleveland Cavaliers

As if the 1-8 start to the season, the recent dismissal of head coach Ty Lue, or Kevin Love's extended absence due to injury wasn't enough, there is a new report from Joe Vardon of The Athletic suggesting that the Cavs veterans think that the team's prized pick from the 2018 Draft, Collin Sexton, doesn't "know how to play." 

The Cavaliers selected Sexton with the eighth overall pick in the 2018 draft with the intention of making him a building block for the future of the franchise following the departure of superstar forward LeBron James over the offseason. 

On the season, Sexton is averaging 11.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game on 41.3 percent shooting from the field in 23.7 minutes per game. 

From Vardon

"In on the record commentary, time and again, veterans like Tristan Thompson have made clear there is a divide between the Cavs' holdover vets from the LeBron glory years — like him, Smith, Frye, and Korver (Tristan didn't mention Love, who's gone from the team after foot surgery) — and the team's mostly unnamed younger players.

It's becoming increasingly clear that when you hear a Cavs veteran talk about younger players not knowing their role, or knowing how to win, or what to do on the court, they mean Sexton. Throughout the organization, the line on Sexton is that he does not 'know how to play.' He doesn't know how to defend the pick and roll. He doesn't know how to set up teammates as a point guard... They know he's 19 and he only played one year of college ball. They still think he's a nice kid. But they see his deficiencies, they know he's going to be on the court, and they're discouraged when after these losses, he doesn't seem bothered by them." 

Sexton is just 19 years old, and there is still a long way to go before the verdict is out on him as an NBA player. However, it is clear that dysfunction is currently permeating throughout the Cavs organization, and such a situation won't do anything to help his development in the league.