Just over a year after then-Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving blew all of our minds and made us question the very concept of reality by saying that the Earth is flat, another Cavs guard is throwing his hat into the ring of insanity.

Jordan Clarkson, who was acquired by the Cavs from the Lakers before February's trade deadline, appeared on the Road Trippin': Richard vs. Channing podcast (the same one where Irving originally presented his theory), along with fellow ex-Laker Larry Nance Jr. It was revealed that co-host DJ Montage doesn't believe in dinosaurs (or Elvis?), and Clarkson volunteered his odd response (around the 40:30 mark of the podcast).

Clarkson: I don't believe in dinosaurs either. Well no, I actually do. I believe that -- this is gonna get a little crazy. I'm gonna take y'all a little left on this. OK, so y'all know how we got dogs and stuff, right? So, I think it was bigger people in the world before us, and, like, the dinosaurs was they pets.

DJ Montage: On a leash? Like a pet? So how big were these people?

Clarkson: Oh, you look at a dinosaur. They got to be three times bigger than them.

So, something's clearly in the water in Cleveland.

To Clarkson's credit, the easy move would have been to go with the "dinosaurs never existed" take that plenty of people have put forth. At least he took it a step forward and went totally off the deep end with a race of Paul Bunyan-sized humans who roamed the Earth millions of years ago scolding their pet dinosaurs for peeing inside the cave.

The best part about Clarkson's theory is that he can't exactly be proven wrong. There's been no evidence of these giganto-humans revealed so far, THAT WE KNOW OF (cue X-Files music), but that doesn't mean they never existed.

The only thing we know for sure is that if athletes are going to reveal their cockamamie theories, they're going to do it on the Road Trippin' podcast.