The Cleveland Cavaliers... I don't know, man. What's the word? Destroyed? Annihilated? Obliterated? Humiliated? Yeah, humiliated. The Cavs humiliated the Boston Celtics 130-86 in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. They outscored the Celtics 40-13 in the 2nd quarter alone, and led by 50 at one point in the 4th. 

So, yeah, the Cavs are good, the Celtics were very, very bad. Here are some takeaways from one of the largest beatdowns in NBA history. 


This was the worst defeat in Boston Celtics playoff history. The franchise has been around since 1946. Think about that. 

The Cavaliers are better. They're way better. Specifically, LeBron James is way better than them. But the Celtics quit in this game. Well, let me be more clear: They failed to execute with any semblance of professionalism on offense, and when it became apparent that they weren't going to be able to get easy buckets, then they quit. The Celtics crowd booed them at one point, and that crowd's pretty loyal. (The crowd did give them the "Let's Go Celtics" chant, since it does not appear they will be seeing them again this season.)

All of the the things that went right for the Celtics in the first two rounds, that weren't sustainable, went wrong. Al Horford shot 4-of-9 from the field. Isaiah Thomas looked like a 5-foot-9 player (with a hip injury) trying to play against big, strong, athletic players. The Celtics figured out quickly they were overmatched and that they weren't going to hit the shots they needed, and they bailed on this game. They're now down 0-2 headed to Cleveland. The only good news is that it can't get worse. 



In Game 1, LeBron commented that he felt neither he nor the team played that well. Everyone kind of laughed since it was a blowout. Turns out, they weren't kidding. The Cavs were everywhere. James was omnipresent. 

Kevin Love continues to be terrific; he stonewalled Horford in the post, grabbed 12 rebounds, was just great. Kyrie Irving got into it after a bad Game 1, with 23 points, and the Cavs hit 19 3-pointers. When they're hitting 3's, you're in a world of trouble. 

James continues to amaze. At one point, he was blocked by Al Horford, and he felt it was a goaltend. (It wasn't.) So he went to the other end, chased down Avery Bradley, blocked him into oblivion, hit a twisting layup, then pulled up in front of Kelly Olynyk, and then knocked down a step-back 3-pointer. 

He's just on another level, and so are the Cavs. 


The Cavaliers are going to sweep the Celtics, and then have nine days off before the start of the Finals. All the talk of how LeBron James' minutes were too high? He played just 33 minutes in Game 2, and when the Cavs sweep, James will have played 16 games in 49 days since April 4. It turns out you can put the afterburners on if you get a week's rest every time.