The Cleveland Cavaliers -- and, really, the NBA in general -- have descended into all-out chaos. 

If giving up 148 points in regulation on Saturday to lose their ninth game in 12 attempts wasn't enough, the Cavs reportedly held a fiery team meeting, in which nearly everyone on the roster took shots. Most notably, however, was the attack on Kevin Love. According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski, multiple players accused Love of faking the illness that forced him to leave Saturday's loss to Oklahoma City early.

Now, we reportedly know who led the charge in calling out Love. According to Frank Isola, it was the Cavaliers' new point guard, Isaiah Thomas. Via the New York Daily News:

With the Feb. 8 trading deadline looming the next three weeks will be fascinating, starting with the dead-man-walking Cavs, who were described by one person close to the team as being in "utter chaos." ESPN reported that during a team meeting Kevin Love became yet again the convenient scapegoat. A source told The News that Isaiah Thomas led the charge against Love, who turned up ill for Saturday's embarrassing loss to Oklahoma City and went home after playing just three minutes.

On one hand, Love has every right to be upset that he was the main target in the meeting. He's been one of the few players in Cleveland actually playing well this season, and sometimes people just get sick. 

On the other hand, it makes sense that Thomas would be annoyed by leaving a game due to illness considering everything he played through last season. Not the death of his sister, nor a debilitating hip injury prevented Thomas from giving everything he had to the Celtics in the playoffs. 

Either way, this doesn't seem like a healthy situation in the Cleveland locker room.