In the Celtics' first preseason game of the year, Tommy Heinsohn managed to reach peak midseason weirdness. 

Boston's TV color commentator got extra colorful on Monday night when he took some time to share an ... um, unexpected ... story about spotting Celtics big man Aron Baynes in the shower earlier.

It got weird.

"I took a look at Baynes in the shower, he looks like all of Australia. He is really put-together."

To be honest, I'm not totally sure what "all of Australia" means or looks like in human form, so it's hard for me to properly break down this definitely-necessary anecdote about a naked grown fella. I'm just going to assume Heinsohn thinks that every person in Australia looks like a hunky Hemsworth and he was excited to see Baynes fit the bill. That's a "Tommy Point."

Anyway, congrats to Aron Baynes ... and whoever gets to watch him shower?