How good does Jaylen Brown have it right now? The second-year swingman is averaging just under 15 points and 7 rebounds a game for the Celtics, who have won 12 in a row and are the NBA's top team. 

Oh, and now his (non-existent) campaign for the U.S. Senate has officially been endorsed by the Counting Crows!

The band's frontman is a big-time Warriors fan, but apparently got to know the Celtics' young star while he balled at Cal for a year in 2015-16. They must have had a Good Time, because Brown clearly made a strong impression and Duritz seems like he might be Accidentally In Love.

So, what does an endorsement from a '90s alt-rock legend mean for the 21-year-old forward's political career? Well, not much. Age restrictions say Brown needs to wait at least nine more years to qualify for the Senate, and he'll likely be Hanginaround the NBA for quite a while anyway. The Celtics already lost one Rain King in Gordon Hayward earlier this year, plus have since had Kyrie Irving and Al Horford get banged up, so they need Jaylen and Jayson Tatum -- aka their Children in Bloom -- to stick around and keep delivering strong performances. 

However, we've seen Time and Time Again that the political climate is shaky Round Here, so I'm Not Sleeping on the possibility of Brown keeping an eye on a career in that space. The months seem to drag on with controversy and bickering between the two parties, and we're probably in for a Long December as well. Maybe Brown is the Colorblind, bipartisan candidate that can take a Big Yellow Taxi to Washington and find a way to Catapult the country to peace and prosperity. 

At the very least, he has one vote.