The Philadelphia 76ers are still alive in the playoffs. Needing a win to extend their second-round series with the Boston Celtics, the Sixers went out and got one, winning an ugly Game 4 to cut the series deficit to 3-1. There were all sorts of missed shots, turnovers and fouls to go around, as the game hearkened back to the 1980s or 90s, and not in a good way. 

Perhaps the most memorable moment of the game, in fact, was a minor scuffle between Joel Embiid and Terry Rozier

Late in the second quarter, Rozier was called for an offensive foul when he made contact with JJ Redick as he tried to dribble past the Philadelphia guard. As the crowd cheered, Rozier turned to the official to complain about the call. While he did, Embiid arrived to try and take the ball out of his hands. 

Rozier took offense to Embiid's efforts and tried to play keep away. But Embiid kept pestering him, and Rozier kept taking offense. Eventually Rozier sort of pushed -- punched, whatever you want to call it -- the big man to get him away. That brought in teammates from both sides, and things were quickly calmed down. 

The refs handed out double technicals on the play, and everyone moved on. Well, until after the game. When asked about the incident, Embiid said Rozier tried to punch him twice, but joked that he was too short to hit his face. 

Meh. Also, not to #wellactually his joke, but Rozier didn't seem to have any problem reaching his face here. 

Rozier and Embiid scuffled during the second quarter.  USATSI

Rozier, for his part, said he wanted everyone to know that he is not afraid of anyone.