Nobody has been blogging longer about the Boston Celtics than Jeff Clark of, and he was kind enough to join the podcast to discuss the summer of the Celtics and the future of this team. They finally broke through and got them a star player with the Al Horford signing and could have more coming in the next year. Jeff joins me to discuss how Danny Ainge has been reshaping this team and where they're headed in the East.

Here are the topics we discuss:

  • Do people realize just how good Horford is and how good he'll be for the Celtics?
  • How has Ainge done in rebuilding? Is he a good drafter? How do you paint this picture?
  • Was Jaylen Brown the best option for them on draft night?
  • Why was draft night seen as a disappointment?
  • How do the young players for the Celtics shake out? Is it too early to give up on any of them?
  • Where do the Celtics find themselves in the East?

We discuss all of that, plus the plight of having Mark Blount on your favorite team, the brilliance of Ricky Davis, and much more.

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