Metta World Peace knows a thing or two about playoff success, having helped the Los Angeles Lakers to a title in 2010. He's not willing to predict another title for the Lakers, but he does believe they have what it takes to make it back to the Finals for the first time since that season. 

World Peace joined Bill Reiter on CBS Sports HQ on Monday afternoon for an entertaining discussion about all sorts of topics in the NBA, as well as World Peace's time on Shark Tank and his painting. Most notable, though, was World Peace's confidence in the Lakers going back to the Finals. 

World Peace's full answer regarding LeBron James' impact on the Lakers:

It's really cool, but you know for me, I played with Brandon Ingram, and I played with [Ivica] Zubac, so I'm more excited about those guys. And then I'm also from New York, so then I'm also really excited for Lance Stephenson. And then after that, LeBron James. For me personally, as a Lakers fan, it's really encouraging to see the Lakers have the opportunity to go to the playoffs. And I'm pretty sure that LeBron James isn't trying to be out in the first round. A lot of people got the Lakers fourth or fifth, but LeBron James in his head, he has them first. So I could very well see the Lakers going to the Finals. 

Look, this isn't the most in-depth analysis of all time, but World Peace isn't the only one who has a strong belief in LeBron James single-handedly turning things around for the Lakers, who will be back in action on Tuesday night when they face the Brooklyn Nets (7:30 p.m. ET -- Watch on FuboTV with NBA TV add-on). 

In "The King's" first season in Los Angeles, the Lakers have gotten off to a pretty strong start at 18-12, which has them just two and a half games out of first place. Still, making the Finals is a long way off, and would require them to knock out the Warriors along the way. 

They do have LeBron, so perhaps it's not impossible, but you probably shouldn't be putting any bets down on the Lakers to win the West at this point.