Joel Embiid is enjoying Miami during the NBA offseason, and he decided to head over to Marlins Park for Monday's MLB Home Run Derby. And while he was there, why not pick up something to remember the night by?

As he and Philly rapper Meek Mill took in the action from The Clevelander, a nightclub located in left-center field of Marlins Park, the two celebrities had to dodge incoming line drives from gargantuan sluggers like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

Embiid was even fortunate enough to snag a couple of the home runs, and he was quick to post his souvenirs to Twitter.

Let's just get one thing straight real quick: Those are regular-sized major league baseballs, not miniature replicas. Embiid's hands are just incredibly massive.

Embiid is listed at 7 feet tall and makes those baseballs look absolutely tiny in his hands. That's not much of a surprise when you consider what a basketball looks like when he's holding it.

Sometimes when we see these guys going up against other gigantic NBA players every night, we forget how huge they are compared to us normal folk.