Let's say this first: Gregg Popovich is in no danger of losing his job as coach of the San Antonio Spurs. Yes, he's 70 years old and clearly winding down. Yes, the Spurs are one of the more disappointing teams at 9-14 entering play on Monday. But don't be silly. Popovich is one of the all-time great coaches and leaders, and that extends across all sports. He is the San Antonio Spurs. He's not going anywhere on anyone's terms other than his own. 

Popovich signed a three-year contract extension this past April, but he has said on many occasions that he's taking it one year at a time. The Spurs are undoubtedly getting their post-Pop plans in place, and in a recent piece by Sam Amick and John Hollinger of The Athletic, it was noted that Kansas coach Bill Self is seen as a possible replacement whenever that times comes. 

From The Athletic

As of now, a source said Popovich has given no indication to the organization that he won't be back next season. Yet whenever he steps away, whether it's after he coaches Team USA in the Tokyo Olympics this summer or sometime thereafter, there's one name that continues to come up from league sources as a possible replacement: Bill Self, the longtime Kansas coach and close friend of Spurs general manager R.C. Buford.

The story goes on to note that Buford and Self have a relationship that dates back to their college playing days at Oklahoma State. They also both served as assistant coaches under Larry Brown at Kansas. Self has addressed, and denied, Spurs rumors in the past, but as Hollinger and Amick point out, one major thing has changed since then: Self's Kansas program is being investigated for NCAA violations. 

It wouldn't be the first time a college coach didn't want to deal with the NCAA cracking down on him and his program and took off for the professional ranks. These same circumstances are what, at least in part, led to Pete Carroll leaving USC to take over as the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. 

This is a different situation with Self and the Spurs. Again, Popovich has the control here. As long as he wants to stay coaching, within reason, the job is his. But that could come to an end as soon as this summer, and the Spurs are surely aiming to get their ducks in as neat a row as possible.