The Thunder and Warriors didn't like one another to begin with. Now there's genuine bad blood. In the course of the Warriors' 122-96 victory on Thursday behind Kevin Durant's 39 points, the two teams engaged in a healthy amount of trash talk. Especially Durant and his former teammates.

After the game Durant said, "If you start something, I'll finish it."

And Durant had a little beatdown for Enes Kanter.

"I'm sure he's going to put something on Twitter tonight."

Westbrook said: "The Warriors talk a lot of trash now, I guess."

Westbrook's line -- "We'll see them again" -- feels at once emblematic of how much these teams dislike one another and sadly delusional about the state of both squads. Durant proved how far beyond the Thunder Golden State is. After all, they have Durant.

Don't expect Christmas cards to be exchanged between Durant and his former teammates any time soon.