When the Golden State Warriors celebrated their Game 7 victory on Tuesday, you might have noticed Dell Curry with his granddaughter, Riley, on his shoulders. Only one half of the Splash Brothers had his father in attendance, though -- Mychal Thompson did not even watch the game live.

On ESPN Radio's Thompson & Trudel on Tuesday, Thompson revealed that he went to In-N-Out Burger, then came home and watched WWE Raw. He was not one of the all-time cable record 19.9 million people who tuned in to see the Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder and advance to the NBA Finals.

"I went to In-N-Out to grab a burger and I couldn't eat it, so I had to let it sit there for three hours," Thompson said. "I was too nervous."

Thompson said that he recorded the game and watched it after he knew the result. He also put his phone on vibrate and placed it face-down, so he would not hear or see text messages coming through.

"I was watching wrestling, knowing that the game was going on," Thompson said. "So that was to take my mind off of the game a little bit."

At 9 p.m. PT, Thompson picked up his phone to check the score on the NBA app. Before he opened the app, his wife, Julie, called him.

"As soon as I answered, I went, 'Hello,' and she says, 'Well, are you happy?'" Thompson said. "And when she said that, I went, 'Oh, thank God.' And then she said, 'Mychal, there's something seriously wrong with you.'"

In case you were wondering: Thompson ordered two double-doubles with everything, one for that night and one for Tuesday. I'll bet they tasted like victory.

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