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Kyrie Irving demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, and all day news has been trickling out as to what sparked his latest beef with the organization. 

According to Bleacher Report's Chris Haynes, the Nets recently offered Irving a contract extension that included a championship stipulation, and Irving took that as "a big insult." 

You can listen to Haynes' full NBA TV segment here:

Haynes didn't provide any clarity on what, exactly, this "championship stipulation" entailed. Reports earlier in the day indicated that Irving wasn't happy with the final year of Brooklyn's proposed contract not being guaranteed. Might that final year become guaranteed if the Nets were to win a title between now and then? 

Whatever the stipulation, Irving views himself as a caliber of player that shouldn't have to mess with non-guaranteed years on a contract. He's reportedly insulted such an offer would even be made. So he's out. Well, at least he says he wants out. 

This could all be a leverage play in the hopes that the Nets will acquiesce to his desired contract against the fear of their season being blown to bits. It doesn't sound like the Nets are inclined to be moved by such a tactic, especially with teams already reluctant on their own part to trade for Irving. We'll see how it shakes out. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. ET next Thursday. Buckle up.