After an absolute debacle of a process, the Los Angeles Lakers now have their new coach. According to a report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers agreed to a deal with Frank Vogel to become the franchise's seventh coach this decade. 

In addition, they reportedly added Jason Kidd as an assistant coach. This is Kidd's first gig since being fired as Milwaukee Bucks head coach last season. Since then, that franchise has ascended to the ranks of championship contender. In a bit of a strange move, the Lakers will apparently not establish a hierarchy on their bench, a move that shows the growing influence of former Lakers coach Phil Jackson. 

Considering the Lakers' weak front office, the strange arrangement they're planning for the bench and Kidd's history of scheming to take the jobs of those above him in both Brooklyn and Milwaukee, jokes started flying right away. At least on Twitter, most everyone is convinced that Kidd will soon steal Vogel's job. 

Of course it remains to be seen how this arrangement will work, but there are all sorts of reasons to believe this is a bad decision by the Lakers. And not just because of Kidd's history of trying to steal people's jobs at his previous stops. 

For one, Kidd has not proven to be a successful NBA coach. Not only did he fail on the court, where he most notably struggled to adapt when teams started picking apart his aggressive defensive system with the Bucks, but he's also had problems from a relationship level throughout his career. Whether it was pleading guilty to domestic violence, ranting at other members of his coaching staff or making a power play for other people's jobs, Kidd has a history of struggling to get along with others. Forcing him onto someone else's bench seems like a recipe for disaster.