LeBron speaks out on Trump and explains why he may not kneel during the anthem

"My voice is stronger than my knee."

That was LeBron James' answer to a reporter who asked him if he'd kneel in protest during the national anthem this season, and the Cavaliers star has certainly not been hesitant to use that voice in recent days.

After criticizing President Donald Trump on Twitter over the weekend following the POTUS' rescinded White House invitation to Stephen Curry, James discussed a number of topics -- including that tweet to Trump (though he did not refer to the president by name) as well as the anthem protests -- during Monday's media day session.

When asked if he had any regrets about calling Trump a "bum" last week, LeBron was very quick to say no. He was also quick to clear up that he is most definitely not friendly with the Commander-In-Chief. 

LeBron spoke to the media for an extended period and seemed to be very invested in the message he was conveying, so he's not taking the power in his voice and influence lightly.

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