When Kevin Durant took less money from the Warriors it was assumed that Golden State would use that extra money to continue improving the team in free agency. The Warriors did just that by going out and signing Nick Young to a one-year deal. Young might be a gunner, but he's a capable shooter that will find nothing but open in looks with Golden State.

However, Young brings with him a stigma for being bit of a knucklehead on and off the court. His silly personality might be likable off the court, but on the court it can drive teams up a wall. Like that time he celebrated a 3-point shot before it went in. The now iconic image is what everybody associates with Young. Even his new teammates. 

Durant's picture is obviously meant to be endearing towards the goofy Young. It was a funny moment in one of many dreadful seasons in Lakers history and now Young will get to experience happiness in Golden State. It really was the perfect response by Durant once he saw the Young news.

What's funny about Young is what he did happens probably once or twice a season, but Young is the only one that gets played on repeat. It's just that incredible a moment that everybody chooses to remember Young's 3-pointer that wasn't above all else.