The uniforms that LeBron James and his cartoon pals will be wearing on the court against the Monstars in Space Jam 2 were revealed on Wednesday. The Twitter account for the J23 Jordan account posted two images of the jersey and shorts that will be released to promote the Looney Tunes movie sequel that I'm sure someone was clamoring for.

It's no surprise that there are a few notable differences between these and the ones originally that Michael Jordan wore in the first movie released in 1996. For starters, the original Tune Squad jerseys that were sold in retail stores were designed by Champion instead of Nike. The material used in the original uniforms were mesh, not some kind of polyester-type like these appear to have. 

Among the more modern differences is the homage of sorts to jersey ads near the right shoulder--though that patch is a speech bubble that says "What's up doc?" and not, say, the logo for Bumble. These also have LeBron James's logo on the bottom part of the jersey, showing that the Lakers forward appears to be more hands-on with the project in terms of branding.

The difference between the old and new Monstars jerseys, other than the material and manufacturer, is the galactic design used in the No. 0 -- the originals didn't have any numbers on them -- and the Monstars logo itself. But while the 1996 version gave an indication of the movie's animation style with the logo being two cartoonish monster arms crushing a basketball, the modern ones pay homage to the fact that every Monstar in the first Space Jam wore a No. 0 on their jersey.

What's particularly striking about this reveal is how it seems to look nothing like what LeBron was wearing when he teased the jersey during a taco Tuesday video he did over the summer. From the little he showed, that jersey was a teal similar to the 1996 Eastern Conference All Star jersey. That being said, it could just be that he was wearing something from a different part of the movie or for green screen shots.