Matt Bonner invites Gregg Popovich to the next Spuran Spur concert.
Matt Bonner invites Gregg Popovich to the next Spuran Spuran concert. (USATSI)

Yesterday we were teased with a glimpse of the music video of a new rock band called Spuran Spuran. The band is unique because it is made up of members of the San Antonio Spurs.

The band consists of Matt Bonner on the bass, Aron Baynes on keytar, Kawhi Leonard on drums, Patty Mills on yet another keytor and the Spurs Coyote as the band's keyboard player. 

The band released their first music video today and it is already a true rock classic. 

The song/video is a take on the Tim and Eric "Sports" music video sketch.

The whole thing was the genius idea of Bonner, who like the rest of his "bandmates" simply wanted to entertain Spurs fans. 

"I directed it and got all of the costumes and props together," said Bonner when asked about the video over the phone Monday night. "My wife and her friend helped with the makeup and the Spurs camera guys shot the whole thing.

"It only took an hour and a half to shoot the whole thing but I edited it and that took me forever to do. It was a total team effort though. The guys were great sports and we had a blast shooting it. We did it mainly to entertain our fans and make them laugh."

Bonner also mentioned that his younger brother Luke created the band's name, "It was just a funny play on words and fit the vibe."

While we have to thank Bonner for his hard work in creating this video, he must have really worked hard to get the normally quiet Leonard involved right?

Apparently not, as Bonner claims he just asked Leonard to be a part of it. "He really enjoyed it," said Bonner. "We all did! We mainly did it just to make our fans smile."

It is safe to say that we all are enjoying and smiling about the sweet sounds of Spuran Spuran.