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Anthony Edwards loves to tout his general athletic prowess. Football? He was a standout youngster and believes he can one day be the first person to play in both the NBA and NFL. Baseball? Could've been a big-leaguer. Tennis, swimming, lacrosse, hockey? 

"Whatever you need me to do. It don't matter," Edwards famously said back in 2020. "Whatever you need me to do. I bet I'll be A1 from day one."

Edwards is hilariously confident, and for good reason. He's truly an outlier athlete. So sure of his skills is Edwards -- a natural right-hander -- that he has said he intends to shoot all his shots in Sunday's All-Star Game left-handed. 

We got a glimpse of what that might look like during Saturday's Skills Challenge, and it wasn't pretty: Edwards got three 3-point shots from the corner, bricked them all, with two caroming off the side of the backboard. 

What's most hilarious is that as soon as Edwards declared his intentions to shoot all his All-Star shots left-handed FanDuel dropped his over/under number for total points in the game from 17.5 to 12.5. Then, after he bricked these three shots, they took his prop bet off the board entirely. 

It's probably a good idea, because nobody really knows what to expect from Edwards now. Will he actually follow through with shooting left-handed on Sunday? The NBA is deep into the gambling game now and it isn't a good look when people are betting real money on events players aren't taking seriously. Though it's fair to argue that gambling on All-Star events carries an implicit buyer-beware qualifier. 

If Edwards does go lefty, don't just assume he's going to lay a bunch of bricks like he did Saturday night. He recently showed off his southpaw stroke with his actual lefty teammate Mike Conley during a Wolves practice, and he was straight cashing from the corner. 

A lot of players would back off this kind of claim after this kind of showing, but Edwards is so brazenly confident and such a showman that he just might follow through. We'll see what Edwards has in store for us on Sunday. But whatever it is, it didn't look good on Saturday.