NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers

Below is a comprehensive snapshot of where things stand in the Western Conference playoff and play-in races entering the final day of the regular season on Sunday, including a look at all the seeding scenarios. 

** All Eastern Conference postseason seeds are set. 

Reminder on how the play-in tournament works: No. 7 plays No. 8 and No. 9 plays No. 10. The winner of the 7-8 game gets the No. 7 seed, while the loser plays the winner of the 9-10 game for the  No. 8 seed. 

Relevant Sunday Schedule

  • Pelicans at Timberwolves, 3:30 ET
  • Jazz at Lakers, 3:30 ET
  • Clippers at Suns, 3:30 ET
  • Warriors at Blazers, 3:30 ET

Seeding Scenarios

1. Denver Nuggets (52-29)

  • 🔒Locked in as No. 1 seed
  • Current first-round matchup: TBD

2. Memphis Grizzlies (51-30)

  • 🔒Locked in as No. 2 seed
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Lakers-Pelicans play-in winner

3. Sacramento Kings (48-33)

  • 🔒Locked in as No. 3 seed
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Warriors

4. Phoenix Suns (45-36)

  • 🔒Locked in as No. 4 seed
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Clippers

5. Los Angeles Clippers (43-38)

  • Can finish 5-7
  • Remaining schedule: at Suns
  • Current first-round matchup: at Suns
  • Tiebreaker vs. Golden State: Clippers lead via division win percentage
  • Tiebreaker vs. Minnesota: Wolves clinched 
  • Tiebreaker vs. New Orleans: Pelicans clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Lakers: Clippers clinched

6. Golden State Warriors (43-38)

  • Can finish 5-8
  • Remaining schedule: at Blazers
  • Current first-round matchup: at Kings
  • Tiebreaker vs. Clippers: Clippers lead via division win percentage
  • Tiebreaker vs. Lakers: Lakers clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. New Orleans: Warriors lead via conference win percentage


7. Los Angeles Lakers (42-39)

  • Can finish 6-8
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Jazz
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Pelicans (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Clippers: Clippers clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Golden State: Lakers clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Minnesota: Wolves clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. New Orleans: Lakers clinched

8. New Orleans Pelicans (42-39)

  • Can finish 5-9
  • Remaining schedule: at Timberwolves
  • Current first-round matchup: at Lakers (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Golden State: Warriors lead via conference win percentage
  • Tiebreaker vs. Minnesota: Tied 1-1 with one to play
  • Tiebreaker vs. Lakers: Lakers clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. Clippers: Pelicans clinched

9. Minnesota Timberwolves (41-40)

  • Can finish 7-9
  • Remaining schedule: vs. Pelicans
  • Current first-round matchup: vs. Thunder (play-in)
  • Tiebreaker vs. Clippers: Wolves clinched
  • Tiebreaker vs. New Orleans: Tied 1-1 with one to play
  • Tiebreaker vs. Lakers: Wolves clinched

10. Oklahoma City Thunder

  • 🔒Locked in as No. 10 seed
  • Current first-round matchup: at Timberwolves (play-in)