Injuries have taken the NBA season by storm. With the season nearing a conclusion, there are plenty of teams that are starting to break down physically. The lengthy 82-game slate can be rough on even the best teams -- especially teams that have accrued heavier minutes with consistent trips to the playoffs.

Stephen Curry sprained his MCL and could miss the first round of the playoffs. Kyrie Irving is expected to miss 3-6 weeks after undergoing surgery to address a knee injury that's been bothering him all season. Kawhi Leonard has been medically cleared to return from a quad injury but hasn't felt confident enough to return to help the Spurs' playoff push. A shoulder injury has derailed Markelle Futlz's rookie season and his shooting form. All of this and it doesn't even scratch the surface of the kinds of injuries teams have been facing this season.

Some teams are more fortunate than others when it comes to being bit by the injury bug. It can be the difference between reaching the postseason, or sitting at home watching the playoffs and wondering what could have been. Some teams use it as an excuse to tank, but other show resilience and power through the long grind that is the NBA season. 

Biggest Movers
5 Cavaliers
7 Wizards
1 Rockets The Rockets have dealt with plenty of injuries and even missed Chris Paul for a huge chunk of time, but they have still managed to hold on to the league's best record this season. They'll try to dodge the injury bug a bit longer while Chris Paul works his way back from a hamstring injury. 2 41-41
2 Trail Blazers Portland has remained injury-free for the most part this season. It's had some dings and bruises along the way, as any team does, but nothing that could derail what has been a pretty excellent season. 1 21-61
3 Jazz Jazz fans are probably wondering what could have been lately. Their run started with the emergence of Donovan Mitchell, but if Rudy Gobert had never gotten injured, this team would arguably have an even higher seed in the ultra-competitive West. 2 31-51
4 Warriors Golden State has been decimated by injuries late in the season. Stephen Curry's ankle and MCL alone would be enough to cause issues. Add injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and you've got to be concerned about their chances of repeating. It's hard to stay healthy with the amount of minutes some of these guys have logged. -- 46-36
5 Raptors Two reasons why the Raptors have been so great this season: They've changed their offense and they've remained shockingly healthy. Part of this has to do with their depth on the bench. Their "next man up" mentality makes it easier than ever for them to fill injury holes. 3 25-57
6 76ers There's two sides to the 76ers' season. The first is that they've managed to stay healthy enough to climb all the way to the middle of the pack of the Eastern Conference and clinch a playoff spot. The other side is the bizarre situation involving Markelle Fultz's shoulder and his disappearing jumpshot. How does a No. 1 overall draft pick forget how to shoot? 2 47-35
7 Thunder Losing Andre Roberson for the season was awful for the Thunder. He was arguably the runaway candidate to win Defensive Player of The Year before he ruptured his patellar tendon in late January. 1 57-25
8 Pelicans Would Anthony Davis have become such an unstoppable force of nature without DeMarcus Cousins' season-ending Achilles injury? It's a question worth asking, even if it's very obvious New Orleans is better with a healthy Cousins. 2 49-33
9 Spurs What a bizarre situation the Kawhi Leonard saga has become. He's only played nine games this season, but he's apparently been medically cleared and has not felt confident enough to return. A players-only meeting led by veteran Tony Parker was held last week to implore him to get back on the court before the end of the season. This kind of stuff typically never happens to the Spurs. 3 22-60
10 Celtics Kyrie Irving is recovering from knee surgery, Marcus Smart is working back from thumb surgery, Jaylen Brown just recently came back from a concussion, Daniel Theis is out for the season with a torn meniscus and somehow the Celtics are still chugging along. This roster is being held together by duct tape and might still be good enough to get out of the first round. 1 64-18
11 Pacers Indiana has had sporadic injuries to role guy, but it's been the Victor Oladipo show all season. Any game he hasn't played in the Pacers have lost. 4 47-35
12 Cavaliers When Kevin Love fractured a bone in his hand, it was a disaster for the Cavs. They have had such little time since the trade deadline to experiment with lineups. Anytime they get someone back, another player sits out injured. Now that Love is back, they're going to have to do a lot of adjustments on the fly as the season reaches an end. 5 48-34
13 Timberwolves It would take a monumental late-season collapse for Minnesota to miss the playoffs. If it wasn't for the Jimmy Butler injury, the Wolves could have been making a push with Portland for a top-three seed in the West. -- 56-26
14 Clippers Doc Rivers has truly been in his element this season. There are few coaches better at getting the most out of relatively unknown rotation guys like Rivers. The Clippers' season should have been over when Danilo Gallinari and Patrick Beverley went down with injuries, but instead they're battling for the eight seed. -- 51-31
15 Heat Did injuries save the Heat or hurt them? Dion Waiters' fit with the team was horrendous to start the season and it forced them to discover better fits with Justise Winslow. However, before the Dwyane Wade trade, they lacked that closeout multi-threat ball handler. -- 46-36
16 Wizards John Wall has only played 37 games this season. What's weird is that while he has been sidelined since late January, his absence hasn't significantly impacted Washington either way. The Wizards play a style of basketball that's more appealing without him. That said, the wins haven't differed that much. His eventual return may unlock something. 7 15-67
17 Nuggets Paul Millsap's wrist injury derailed what was supposed to be a great season for the Nuggets. Now, they'll be entering this offseason with a lot of questions about Mike Malone and the roster. Are they good enough, or was it just terrible luck? 2 57-25
18 Bucks Scheming has been the biggest issue for the Bucks this season, but injuries to key rotation guards like Matthew Dellavedova and Malcolm Brogdon have not helped their cause. Even Giannis Antetokounmpo has been battling an ankle injury as of late. Nothing has gone right for Milwaukee this season. -- 49-33
19 Hornets Nicolas Batum has never looked right since injuring his elbow at the start of the season. Cody Zeller missed time again. Michael Carter-Williams has been horrible, and losing him was actually a huge blow because the Hornets' are so weak at point guard depth. The rash of injuries have made this an extremely disappointing season in Charlotte. 1 21-61
20 Lakers Lonzo Ball has had an up-and-down rookie season -- not only with his game, but with injuries that forced him to miss a pretty significant amount of time. Los Angeles has done a solid job finding time to develop young players even with injuries 4 47-35
21 Kings From a roster development standpoint, losing Harry Giles was a disappointment for the Kings. But let's face it, this team was always going to be terrible. -- 46-36
22 Pistons The Pistons were probably always doomed from the get-go, but the injury to Reggie Jackson was really the turning point. They never had the dynamic ball handler necessary to work with Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin. Their season fell apart from that point on. 1 14-68
23 Hawks Atlanta has been healthy for the most part this season. That hasn't stopped the losses from piling up 3 36-46
24 Knicks The Knicks were a borderline playoff team before Kristaps Porzingis went down. Once he was ruled out for the season, that pretty much doomed any chances of reaching the playoffs. 4 50-32
25 Nets If Jeremy Lin doesn't get hurt on opening night then the Nets probably have a far better season. However, the Nets have found a silver lining thanks to the emergence of Spencer Dinwiddie. 2 32-50
26 Magic The Orlando defense was starting to turn a corner earlier in the season when it had its hot start. Once Jonathan Isaac went down with an ankle injury, that was the end of the Magic's run on the defensive side of the court. From that point on, they've been one of the worst teams in the league. 1 47-35
27 Bulls Considering they had to deal with the Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis Jr. nightmare and Zach LaVine working his way back from a knee injury at the start of the season, things probably should have gone far worse for the Bulls. Honestly, it hasn't been that bad. Yes, the team stinks, but at least they've been able to develop some of the young guys on the roster. 5 39-43
28 Grizzlies The season began with Memphis as the NBA's best team. The Grizzlies began spiraling down the Western Conference standings as soon as Mike Conley went down with a season-ending heel injury and when David Fizdale was fired. It's been one of the worst seasons the Grizzlies have had since the mid-2000s 2 27-55
29 Mavericks Dallas was never that great a team. Any injuries they had this season didn't have any impact one way or the other. They just existed. 5 50-32
30 Suns Phoenix has been terrible from the very start of the season. No injury would have changed the course of their season. 1 49-33