Matt Barnes had a court date scheduled that would fall in the middle of this season’s NBA Finals. When Barnes was with the Sacramento Kings, this clearly wouldn’t have been a problem. But now he’s a member of the Warriors, and most would say the team has a pretty good shot of making the Finals this season.

Barnes appeared in court Friday for an arraignment stemming from assault charges from a fight at a nightclub in New York in December. According to reports, Barnes’ attorney made sure to change the court date until after the Finals.

Well, well, well. You join a winning team and suddenly you’re moving court dates? This could be the new “The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead” meme if they don’t make the Finals: “Matt Barnes’ lawyer moved the court date.”

Joking aside, this was an important move for the Warriors, who will need Barnes’ depth for their playoff run -- particularly if Kevin Durant continues to miss games due to his knee injury.

More concerning for the Warriors than the court date is the reason he’ll be there -- Barnes allegedly choked a woman and then punched her boyfriend during the altercation. Always been known as something of a hothead both on and off the court, Barnes will have to keep himself under control with his new team.