Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the best backcourt in NBA history. This is not a question. The fact that there's any debate or controversy over this is pretty nuts. Curry is a two-time MVP who was just voted as the first unanimous winner in the history of the award. They occupy the top three spots on the list for most 3-point makes in NBA history. There are no real weaknesses in either of their games, as both can create, dribble, drive, and defend.

This is not a hot take.

Hall of Famer Reggie Miller, however, thinks it's still a controversial statement. Miller told the Dan Patrick Show that Curry and Thompson "have to be mentioned" in the conversation about the best 1 and 2 guard combos ever.

This argument will look ridiculous in a year's time. It's nothing against previous combinations, but we've never seen anything like the Splash Brothers. That's not hard to figure out. People need to catch up.

The Splash Brothers are the best backcourt ever. USATSI