Clint Capela has been trying to assist Hurricane Harvey victims any way he can.  USATI

With Hurricane Harvey dumping unprecedented levels of rain on Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, the region is dealing with massive flooding that has driven people from their homes and is threatening thousands of lives. 

As a Houston resident, the Rockets' Clint Capela was affected by the storm, saying he was trapped downtown where he lives. Unable to physically do anything, but still wanting to help, Capela started signal boosting people's emergencies. 

As he told the Houston Chronicle, "I tried to help in any way I could."

"I'm here in downtown," Capela said. "I can't from my house go help people where they are right now. I'm trapped. I saw this stuff on Twitter. I was trying to help. I saw some people couldn't do anything from the roof of their apartment or their houses. Some people were trying to go from their houses with their kayaks. I was just trying to spread the word.

"Of course, I feel really bad for those people. I tried to help any way I could."

"Since I got here, I really feel like it's home for me. I feel the love from the people. I love this city. I still have my home, but I love the people here. I want to show them that I love them also."

Capela has continued his outreach attempts into Monday morning, as many people are still stranded by the rising water levels. Even if he can't physically rescue people himself, he has more than 27,000 followers on Twitter, and can spread messages far and wide, hopefully reaching emergency personnel or people with boats who are trying to save others.