Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has become one of the most impressive success stories when it comes to shoe sales. With the rate his Under Armour shoes are selling, it could double the worth of the brand's basketball department. It's remarkable the way he's been able to carve out a significant section of the shoe industry for a brand that wasn't a major player. That's what happens when you lead one of the most successful teams ever and reach new heights of fame.

Not all shoes he has will be winners though. Curry and Under Armour are releasing the "Chef Curry" version of the Curry 2 Low shoes, and the Internet quickly decided they weren't having this edition of the shoes. The brand and shoes were effectively poked fun at and roasted all day long on social media as everybody had their best crack at these.

So what did everybody come up with for their Chef Curry 2 Low jokes? Here's a sample.

And you knew the Internet was going to hit these with the Crying MJ meme in some way: