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Here's how you know Victor Wembanyama is not normal: He gets his shot blocked at the rim, and Twitter is in an uproar. This happens to everyone at one point or another. It's going to happen to Wembanyama again at some point. But the first time seeing it happen in the Spurs phenom's NBA career is still a little jarring. 

Even more surprising is the guy who made the block: Pacers center Isaiah Jackson, who stands 6-foot-9 compared to Wembanyama's 7-foot-4 and eight-foot wingspan. Here's a look at the play from Indiana's 152-111 win over San Antonio on Monday night:

Credit Jackson for coming to the aid of Aaron Nesmith, who was even more outsized at 6-foot-6, and meeting Wembanyama at the apex. That's asking to be an extra in Wembanyama's poster, but he timed that play perfectly. 

Working in Jackson's favor was how far away from the rim Wembanyama took off from, but we've already seen him throw dunks down from way outside the normal launching points in the early going. 

This one was on its way to being flushed, too. But Jackson had other plans, and it resulted in one of the highlights blocks of the season so far.