While Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Stephen Curry might be struggling against the defensive efforts of Danny Green and the San Antonio Spurs, he still had a historic season shooting the ball. Not only did he shoot an absurd 45.3 percent from 3-point range, but he led the league in attempts at 600 and set the record for 3-pointers made in a regular season at 272.

If you wanted to watch all 272 3-pointers from Curry, then @onairandy has you covered. He put together this 10-minute highlight reel of almost all of Curry's 3-pointers from this season. The only ones missing are No. 19 against the Thunder (possible network outage) and No. 46 (it's actually Klay Thompson, but Andy says Curry had one right after). 

There are a few musical tracks/instrumentals on the video, so you might want to turn the audio down at work if you're watching. Or invite your boss to come watch with you so you can both enjoy the splendor that is his shooting form. A fun game is counting how many times the ball actually hits the rim on the shots. 

(Hint: it's not many)

I think my favorites were No. 58, in which he turns Jeff Taylor completely around; No. 165, in which he plays the shell game with Tyler Hansbrough before pulling up for the three; and No. 178, in which we see the rare/typical defensive breakdown by Jordan Crawford as Curry turns him around. 

There are worse ways to kill 10 minutes during your work day, like having to listen to Mark in accounting talk about why he has started putting cayenne on everything to boost his metabolism.

(Via: The Basketball Jones