It's often said that parents should love all their children equally and not care about gender as long as the child is happy and healthy. And while that might be the case for some parents, let's not lie to ourselves here -- many parents definitely have favorites, and many definitely have a real desire to raise a particular gender. 

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward already has two daughters and he, along with his pregnant wife Robyn, found out they'll welcome a third daughter later this year. In a gender reveal video posted to Robyn's Instagram account this week, Gordon opens a box filled with pink balloons -- signaling another baby girl is on the way.

While I'm sure it was an exciting time for the family, Gordon's reaction to the news led the internet's conspiracy theorists to believe that he was hoping for a boy.

And, to be fair, they might have a decent argument.

After opening the box, Hayward wasn't exactly jumping for joy -- though he doesn't exactly have the loudest or most exciting personality to begin with. But when Robyn asks Gordon, "Is daddy happy?" he turns away with a grin and replies "daddy's always happy" before kicking a balloon. 

The people were not sold by his words.

Again, even if there is a little bit of initial disappointment from Hayward, that seems like a fair thing that a lot of people go through when they hope for a certain gender. It doesn't necessarily make someone a bad parent or a bad person, especially when the focus usually seems shifts to excitement regardless.

And, of course, if Gordon really wants that son, he'll keep putting up shots until those balloons turn blue.

In any case, congratulations to the Hayward family on their future daughter.