Atlanta Hawks Introduce Dejounte Murray
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Multiple NBA players were on hand to participate in Isaiah Thomas' annual summer basketball tournament, the "Zeke-End," on Saturday and Sunday. it wasn't all smiles, though, because during the festivities a new feud appeared to emerge between Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray and Orlando Magic No. 1 pick from the draft, former Duke star Paolo Banchero.

During a game in which Banchero was defending Murray, the Hawks player completely faked out the kid, tossed the ball off of the backboard and completed a massive slam dunk.

It didn't end there, though.

Murray, who was acquired via trade from the San Antonio Spurs during the offseason, ended up grabbing the ball after the dunk, furiously wielding it back at Banchero and got extremely animated about the play.

But that's still not where the action ended between Murray and Banchero.

Murray posted a highlight video on his Instagram story and Banchero reposted it, accusing Murray of unfollowing him on social media and even sending double teams to defend Banchero during their game.

Murray then responded by saying that Banchero changed once he got taken with the top pick in the 2022 NBA Draft and is no longer humble. Murray also stated that he "lost all respect" for the former Duke star.

This certainly won't be the last basketball fans will hear about this feud. The Hawks and Magic both play in the Southeast Division, so they'll face each other on four occasions throughout the 2022-23 season.