With the 2015 NBA All-Star Game in New York, former NBA great Grant Hill stopped by "Boomer & Carton" to recall one of the greatest games nobody saw. Hill was part of a developmental squad -- made up of the nation's top college players at the time -- that defeated the 1992 Dream Team in scrimmage. leading up to the Barcelona games.

According to the original Los Angeles Times story from 1992, the Olympic squad lost by approximately eight points, 62-54. Michael Jordan was so impressed that he even said that "if they were in the Olympics,they'd win the silver medal." 

However, Hill remembers the final outcome of that scrimmage a little differently.

"I was on the college team that beat the Dream Team, and so we practiced with them in La Jolla -- me, Chris Webber (Michigan), Penny Hardaway (Memphis), Allan Houston (Tennessee), Bobby Hurley (Duke), Eric Montross (North Carolina), Jamal Mashburn (Kentucky), Rodney Rogers (Wake Forest). The first day we practiced against them, we beat them by 20."

NBA TV aired a documentary in 2012 that show snippets from that infamous scrimmage for the first time. Hill said that he still has footage from that day -- nearly 23 years ago -- and plans to share it to the world soon.

"Houston hit 10 threes in the scrimmage. They couldn't do anything with Webber. I'm telling you, Webber was killing these guys. We all had our moments. Bobby Hurley though, they couldn't keep him out of the paint," Hill said. "I have video of it. We're going to do a documentary on it."

In that same NBA TV documentary, the coaching staff admitted to fixing that game as part of Chuck Daly's diabolical plan to keep his squad humble before the start of international competition.

"Coach K said they threw it," Hill said. "I love coach K, but I'm not buying it."

We all know the story of the greatest group of talent ever assembled in one team, so it was no surprise that the Dream Team had the last laugh the next time they faced Hill's collegiate squad.

"The next day, we couldn't get the ball over half-court," Hill said.

Grant Hill beat the 1992 Dream Team in scrimmage.  (Getty Images)
Grant Hill can say he beat the 1992 Dream Team in scrimmage. (Twitter)