Stephen Curry has basically fetishized long 3-pointers. We always liked them, but they weren't this entire sub-genre of basketball idealism the way they are now. What's more, Curry's now thought of whenever any player hits a long 3-pointer, as if no one else ever has, or can, hit them. That's because literally no one has ever been able to hit them as consistently as Steph. 

But that's why we notice videos like this more. It's from Israel, where former NBA player Nate Robinson is playing. He hit this big shot in his debut last week. HoopsHype even described it as a shot that would "make Steph Curry proud." 

And honestly, they're right. 

These are exactly the kinds of plays that Robinson has made throughout his career. The problem of course is his consistency and stability of position, along with injuries he's suffered along the way. Still, you have to think some NBA team will give him another go next year. He's too experienced and too good to have to continue overseas for the rest of his career. 

Cool shot, Nate. 

HT: Hoopshype

NateRobb from way downtown.  (Twitter)
NateRobb from way downtown. (Twitter)