In a surprising turn of events, Bill Belichick was responsible for one of the first truly adorable moments of the NFL Draft's second round on Friday. Well, sort of.

When it was the Patriots' turn to make their pick, the broadcast, as it had done for the entirety of the draft so far, cut to the at-home war rooms of team executives. The shot of New England's director of player personnel, Nick Caseiro, wasn't too surprising as it was the guy with his kids. The shot of Belichick's room, however, made it look like he passed on his drafting duties over to his dog.

In another surprising display, Belichick showed his kinder side to the adorable pup, who is apparently named Nike, and fed the animal a nice treat.

Nike is an Alaskan Klee Kai as this CNBC video from 2018 points out. The dog has heterochromia, which means he has two differently colored eyes, and Belichick apparently lobbied hard to call the dog Jack, but eventually lost out. 

For many football fans, the image that Bill Belichick conjures up is an all-too-serious football mastermind who doesn't tolerate any nonsense from anyone, whether it's media members, his players or even his own coaching staff. However, if there was one living thing in this world that Belichick would hold a high opinion of no matter the circumstances, Nike would certainly be a great bet.