Every year, the NFL awards compensatory picks ahead of the draft. Compensatory picks, given between rounds three and seven, are based upon an NFL formula that takes into account players who left the team in free agency the previous spring. The player's salary, snap count and postseason awards are among the criteria taken into account when divvying out the compensatory picks. In order to be eligible to receive a compensatory pick, a team must have ended up with more qualifying free agents lost than gained during the previous offseason. 

In order for a player to eventually qualify as a compensatory pick, they must be signed by a new team by April 27. The player must also rank highly enough among their peers to be qualified. 

Below is each compensatory pick that has been given out ahead of this year's draft. All told, 37 compensatory picks were awarded, with the Cowboys receiving a league-high four picks. The 2021 draft will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 29 and will run through Saturday, May 1. 

Arizona Cardinals

Compensatory picks: None

Atlanta Falcons

Compensatory picks: 5th round, 180th overall pick; 5th round, 183rd overall pick; 6th round, 219th overall pick 

Buffalo Bills 

Compensatory picks: None

Baltimore Ravens 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 105th overall pick; 5th round, 184th overall pick 

Carolina Panthers 

Compensatory picks: 6th round, 222nd overall pick; 6th round, 226th overall pick 

Cincinnati Bengals 

Compensatory picks: None

Cleveland Browns 

Compensatory picks: None

Chicago Bears 

Compensatory picks: 6th round, 221st overall pick; 6th round 228th overall pick 

Dallas Cowboys 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 99th overall pick; 4th round, 139th overall pick; 5th round, 179th overall pick; 6th round, 227th overall pick 

Denver Broncos 

Compensatory picks: None

Detroit Lions 

Compensatory picks: None

Green Bay Packers

Compensatory picks: 4th round, 143rd overall pick; 5th round, 178th overall pick; 6th round, 220th overall pick 

Houston Texans 

Compensatory picks: None

Indianapolis Colts 

Compensatory picks: None

Kansas City Chiefs 

Compensatory picks: 4th round, 145th overall pick; 5th round, 182 overall pick 

Los Angeles Chargers 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 97th overall pick 

Los Angeles Rams 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 101st overall pick; 3rd round, 104th overall pick; 4th round, 142nd overall pick 

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Compensatory picks: None

Miami Dolphins 

Compensatory picks: None

Minnesota Vikings 

Compensatory picks: 4th round, 144th overall pick; 6th round, 223rd overall pick 

New England Patriots 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 96th overall pick; 4th round, 140th overall pick 

New Orleans Saints 

Compensatory picks: third round, 98th overall pick; 3rd round, 106th overall pick; 6th round, 218th overall pick 

New York Giants 

Compensatory picks: None

New York Jets 

Compensatory picks: None

Oakland Raiders 

Compensatory picks: None

Philadelphia Eagles 

Compensatory picks: None

San Francisco 49ers 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 102 overall pick; 3rd round, 103rd overall pick; 5th round, 181st overall pick 

Seattle Seahawks 

Compensatory picks: None

Philadelphia Eagles 

Compensatory picks: 6th round, 224th overall pick; 6th round, 225th overall pick 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Compensatory picks: 4th round, 141st overall pick 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Compensatory picks: 6th round, 217th overall pick 

Tennessee Titans 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round, 100th overall pick 

Washington Football Team 

Compensatory picks: None