We are now halfway through the 2021 NFL season. Naturally, that means it's time to revisit our preseason predictions regarding which teams will make the playoffs, who will win each of the league's eight divisions, who will nab wild-card spots, who will go to the Super Bowl, and who will win it. As usual, we have gathered our panel of experts to do just that. 

Here are a few notes before we get to the predictions:

  • In our preseason predictions, we had a lot of unanimity. The same is true at midseason. We have unanimous picks for the division winners in the AFC East (Bills), AFC North (Ravens), AFC South (Titans), NFC East (Cowboys), NFC North (Packers), and NFC South (Buccaneers). 
  • We also had unanimous agreement on six of seven playoff teams in the AFC and five of seven in the NFC. The only teams to receive at least one vote for the playoffs, but not receive every vote are the Browns, Steelers, Seahawks, Saints, and Falcons.
  • There was one division with a fully unanimous order of finish: The AFC South. 
  • We had a unanimous last-place finisher in six of eight divisions, and at least one unanimous second- or third-place finisher in four of eight.
  • There are two teams whose fortunes are viewed as having changed the most since the preseason predictions: the Cowboys and Cardinals. Only one panelist predicted the Cowboys to win the NFC East before the season and they are now unanimous. The Cardinals received only one playoff vote in the preseason predictions and are also now unanimous.  
  • Our seven experts combined to have a total of five different teams playing in the Super Bowl, down from six prior to the season. For teams received multiple votes to make it to the Super Bowl, with only one receiving a solo vote. 
  • There is now less unanimity on which team will win the Super Bowl. Four different teams received at least one vote -- two from each conference. Two teams received multiple votes, both from the NFC. Only one team received three votes.

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Alright, let's get to these predictions.

Super Bowl Picks

player headshot
Jason La Canfora
player headshot
Pete Prisco
player headshot
Will Brinson
player headshot
Ryan Wilson
player headshot
John Breech
player headshot
Jared Dubin
player headshot
Jonathan Jones