On Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys were set to pick late in the first round. When you pick late, you don't always get your player of choice. 

Well, unless you are Cowboys star Micah Parsons. Then, apparently, you get exactly what you want. Parsons was on Bleacher Report's live draft show Thursday night, and when the Cowboys selected Michigan defensive tackle Mazi Smith with the No. 26 overall pick, Parsons was overjoyed. 

At first, Parsons' reaction looked like what you would expect a player's reaction to be when he gets a new teammate on live TV (or the internet streaming equivalent). He jumps up, pumps his fist, screams, "Let's go!" 

But then, he reaches into his pocket and starts exclaiming, "Dan knew! Dan wouldn't let me down, man!" 

Apparently, Parsons had texted Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn two words at 3:27 p.m. on the day of Round 1. Those two words: "Michigan DT." Quinn's response? "I'm all about that life!!!!!!" Apparently, he was. 

Here's the full video, courtesy of Bleacher Report: 

The thing that had Parsons most fired up was, apparently, the possibility of shutting down the division rival Philadelphia Eagles' QB sneaks. Surely, the Cowboys are hoping that Smith -- an athletic freak and top run stuffer -- will provide more value than just that, but it would be nice if they were able to stop what was seemingly an unstoppable play for their biggest rivals last season.