The Pro Bowl is gone, and the Pro Bowl Games are here. Days after the NFL announced that its annual all-star game will be replaced with a multifaceted skills competition this season, the league has unveiled additional details about the event. Namely, multiple seven-on-seven flag football games will headline the Sunday afternoon slot typically reserved for a full-contact matchup between AFC and NFC Pro Bowlers. And all players voted into the Pro Bowl will be required to participate, barring injury.

In a letter addressed from the NFL to the NFL Players Association, the league has spelled out the following:

  • The Pro Bowl Games will be divided into two categories of events: 1.) Skills Competitions, and 2.) Game Day Events
  • The Skills Competitions will occur the week of the Games, from Tuesday through Saturday, and include non-football activities like dodgeball, a best catch competition, and quarterback drills, including "thread-the-needle" accuracy tests.
  • The Game Day Events will include roughly three hours of seven-on-seven flag football games (without offensive or defensive linemen)
  • Scores from both the Skills Competitions and Game Day Events will be compiled to determine a Pro Bowl Games champion.
  • All players voted into the Pro Bowl will be invited by the NFL to participate in specific competitions or games dependent on their position and skillset.
  • Each Pro Bowl team will still consist of 44 players; members of the winning team will receive $84,000, and members of the losing team will receive $42,000

It's worth noting the NFL's letter regarding Pro Bowl Games rules officially designates the showcase as a "Replacement Event" for the 2022 season, suggesting the new format is merely a trial run for future years.