The NFL Scouting Combine's schedule will get more tweaks in 2023 as organizers continue to adjust the event for maximum exposure while prioritizing the athlete experience.

According to a source with knowledge of the proposed schedule, the quarterback-receiver-tight end on-field drills that had previously been held on Thursday are now being pushed to Saturday.

The on-field work will now begin with defensive linemen and linebackers on Thursday, followed by defensive backs and specialists on Friday, the quarterbacks and pass catchers on Saturday and the offensive line and running backs on Sunday. The National Football Scouting operates the combine in partnership with the league.

In a recent memo, NFL teams were also informed that "on-field workouts continue to be held during prime time, but will begin and end earlier each day than in previous years." A source noted the on-field work will begin in the late afternoon, up from its 7 p.m. ET start in 2022. 

The NFL shifted the combine from a daytime event to prime-time hours in 2020 to capitalize on ratings as the NFL continues its push to be a year-round league. While it may have helped ratings, many players and their representation would complain that it impacted their performance. Players who had been in Indianapolis for three or four days already with various tests, physical exams and interviews would have to wait around all day to finally perform in the late afternoon to early evening.

The 2021 combine was canceled amid fears of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 combine took place just weeks before the world shut down in mid-March.

In 2022, the combine's schedule was again adjusted after consultation with previous players. Bench press was moved to the same day as the on-field testing, and that resulted in a number of players opting out of that event so as to not tire themselves out before the workouts. Previously, the bench press had been the day before workouts, but combine organizers changed it so there was less downtime for players.

Because so many opted against benching at the combine, it seems organizers have changed the order again. In 2023, the bench press will follow the on-field workouts and 40-yard dash.

Players will arrive in Indianapolis for the 2023 combine beginning Sunday, Feb. 26, and the last group of players will leave Monday, March 6. Indianapolis has been the site of the combine for nearly four decades and in May the league awarded the 2023 and 2024 combines to Indianapolis after opening up a bidding process for the first time in history.