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The Super Bowl might be the only broadcast in which viewers don't get up for refills or restroom breaks during the commercials. Companies pay big money for that air time, so why not give people something to look forward to?

As is always the case, a number of the commercials were somewhat forgettable, but there were a handful that stood out well above the rest. A few companies used big celebrities, which this year included the likes of Will Ferrell and Miles Teller, to make a splash, while others used the element of surprise to hook the audience.

Here are the top five commercials from Super Bowl LVII:

5. General Motors - Why Not an EV?

As someone who grew up loving "Old School," "Anchorman," "Talladega Nights" and "Step Brothers," I am easily hooked by Will Ferrell. This may not have been the most clever commercial of the evening, but I contend that Ferrell elevated the material and got a couple of grins out of me.

Companies love references in their Super Bowl ads, and this one has reference overload with the Netflix tie-in. Normally, falling back on references to TV shows that were popular seven months ago might be a drawback, but Ferrell's presence in the commercial is enough to make it entertaining. Also, him critiquing the decisions of "Love Is Blind" participants should become a regular feature on the show.

4. Coors vs. Miller vs. Blue Moon

I heard this ad hyped up on several podcasts in the lead-up to Super Bowl LVII, and I was very skeptical about it. However, this is one of the few commercials that teased something fun weeks before the game and actually delivered.

The fight choreography was fun and reminiscent of an extremely low-budget "Everything Everywhere All at Once" with ice, coasters and hot dogs being used as weapons. However, what really put this commercial over the top was the M. Night Shyamalan-ish twist at the end.

The ad seemed headed toward a predictable draw between Coors Light and Miller Lite, which would have been a disgrace on the night of the Super Bowl. Then, at the last second, Blue Moon comes in out of nowhere to steal the entire commercial. What a twist!

3. Bud Light - Easy to Drink, Easy to Hold

Stars: They're just like us!

It does strain my suspension of disbelief to see Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry enduring awful hold music for an extended period of time because I assume celebrities have some kind of fast pass to the front of the line for those things. That said, this is an extremely relatable situation.

Everyone has called their *insert bank, cell phone company, or internet service provider here* only to be placed on hold for anywhere between 30 minutes to eternity. That's enough to make anyone want to reach for an adult beverage and blow off some steam.

On top of the relatability, Teller just makes anything look cool, even dancing around the living room while a large corporation ignores him. Watch "Top Gun: Maverick" or "Whiplash" and tell me that's not the case.

2. Google Pixel - Fixed on Pixel

This was one of the more creative commercials of the night. Google Pixel could've just leaned on the technology that allows people to erase strangers from pictures on their mobile devices -- but it didn't.

No, instead Google Pixel showed Super Bowl viewers the plethora of ways that could come in handy. Underdressed guy at the beach ruining a family photo? No problem. That picture of you with your ex? Now, it's just a portrait of you. Did you, Giannis Antetokounmpo, just get posterized by Jaylen Brown? Now, it was an easy breakaway dunk for Brown in transition.

1. Crown Royal - Thank You Canada

Remember when I complimented Miller Lite, Coors Lite and Blue Moon for that Shyamalan twist at the end of their commercial? Well, this one had me guessing right until the very end.

I thought the country of Canada had paid Dave Grohl to list off all the things Americans hold near and dear that were actually invented north of the border. Things like Michael Cera, peanut butter, instant potatoes, basketball and even football itself. Alas, that was too good to be true, and a Super Bowl ad was probably out of Canada's budget anyway. That's what a 30-year Stanley Cup drought will do to a country's finances.

Finally, Grohl revealed that it was a commercial for Crown Royal, and I had to give them credit for daring to come at America on its biggest sports day.