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If you've been paying even a moderate amount of attention to the NFL throughout the offseason, you surely know all about the ongoing Aaron Rodgers drama in Green Bay. 

The reigning MVP is unhappy with the organization for a variety of reasons, and he has not been shy about making both his reasons and his unhappiness known in a variety of ways. He's stayed away from minicamp, gone on very public vacations at "coincidental" times, hosted Jeopardy, and more. He has reportedly turned down a contract extension and has maintained that he does not yet know whether he'll play for the Packers this season. 

Earlier this week, it was reported that star wide receiver Davante Adams has also broken off extension talks with the team, leading to speculation that, like Rodgers, he could look to force his way elsewhere sooner or later. It's a bit cleaner for Adams being that 2021 is the final year of his contract, but the Packers could also use the franchise tag on him if he makes it to the end of the deal without re-signing. 

Amid this drama, Rodgers and Adams took things up a notch by, well, leaning into all the speculation. In a pair of matching Instagram posts, the star duo alluded to "The Last Dance," the documentary about the final season of the 1990s Chicago Bulls dynasty. 

That's not exactly subtle. Rodgers and Adams are pretty clearly making it known that if they do play together in Green Bay in 2021, they expect it to be the last time that happens.