imagn's Jeff Hanisch

Aaron Rodgers apparently needs more time to make a decision he originally said would be a fairly swift one, and Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur doesn't want to disturb the air around the back-to-back league MVP while the decision-making process is underway. Now roughly six weeks removed from their playoff exit and less than two weeks ahead of 2022 NFL free agency, the Packers don't have a formal commitment from Rodgers to stay or go -- although the two are reportedly in discussions on a potential record-setting contract extension -- but the biggest thing for LaFleur right now is to bottle up his love and leave Rodgers to his own devices.

"I told him, I don't wanna be overbearing and tell him every day how much we love him and how much we want him back," LaFleur told media from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, via ESPN. "So you just wanna be respectful of his space and allow him to think through everything clearly without being annoying, I guess."

The comment comes just one day after general manager Brian Gutekunst claims the Packers have received no trade offers at all on the four-time All-Pro quarterback, if you can believe it. With rumors of a new deal cooking and Rodgers having been involved in the wooing of one of his former coaches, Tom Clements, out of retirement and into the role of quarterbacks coach in Green Bay, there are plenty of signs Rodgers plans to stay put.

"He had a significant role," LaFleur said of Rodgers part in the hiring of Clements. "I would say that in terms of just our conversations over the last couple years and how much he credits Tom for his development, it was very intriguing when we had an opportunity."

But until Rodgers does officially commit to staying, the Packers are up against a wall in how they'll approach the offseason. And as badly as LaFleur wants to send him roses and Hallmark cards as a constant reminder of his adoration, he won't. 

"You always want to be respectful," LaFleur said. "I know it's a lot to take on, he's got a lot to think about, and certainly I'm making sure that I'm consistently communicating with him but also want to be respectful of his time and the process that he has to go through."