NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

There is nothing official yet between the New York Jets and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard is confident a trade will get done. Rodgers has announced that his "intention" is to play for the Jets in 2023, and Lazard has no concerns that it won't eventually happen.

This offseason, Lazard joined the Jets on a four-year, $44 million contract and told TMZ that Rodgers is "a big reason" why he landed in New York. If and when the deal gets done, Lazard would be reunited with Rodgers, who was his quarterback with the Packers since Lazard entered the NFL in 2018.

With a deal not yet done, could there still be a chance that Lazard ends up with a different quarterback throwing him passes for the Jets? Lazard says Rodgers signing with another team is not something he is considering.

"There's no worry on my end," Lazard said. "Especially knowing that Aaron has his full-on commitment to being a New York Jet this year."

Lazard has high praise for Rodgers, complimenting his passing ability and the energy he brings to a team. The receiver said No. 12 can "light a lot of fire underneath" everyone and in turn give them a better shot at the Super Bowl.

It was not just Rodgers' desire to play for the Jets that made Lazard's decision easier, though. Nathaniel Hackett joining the team also lead the 27-year-old receiver to choose New York. Hackett is Lazard's former offensive coordinator when the two were in Green Bay, and he is now the offensive coordinator for the Jets.