America, give yourself a pat on the back because, thanks to you, the first crisis of the NFL offseason is over: Andy Dalton has found his lost luggage.

The crisis started on Wednesday morning when the Bengals quarterback landed at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. After driving home from DFW, Dalton noticed something: His luggage didn't make it, and for once, it wasn't the airline's fault. 

Clearly, Dalton had something important in his suitcases. The Bengals quarterback wanted to find them so bad that he asked everyone on Twitter to help, which led America on a dramatic national scavenger hunt known as #BagSearch2016.

America did not back down from Dalton's #BagSearch2016 challenge. One Twitter user tried to enlist the help of Dog the Bounty Hunter. 

Other people were just rooting Andy on.

At one point, there was some hope ... but nope, just a false lead.

Just as it looked like everyone was about to give up, Rosie Red offered to help and she single-handedly reinvigorated the hope of an entire country.

Thanks to Rosie, Andy got some more leads on the bags.

This guy even went to the interstate where Dalton lost his bags.

And then, just like that, it was over: A guy named Robert turned the bags in. All faith in humanity was restored.

Robert is a true hero. Any airline presidents out there reading this should think about hiring him to hunt down luggage. 

Andy and his wife, J.J., have been reunited with their lost luggage. 

This entire incident can only mean one thing for the Bengals. 

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Dalton did promise a reward, although we're not quite sure what that reward is yet. 

On a football-related note, Dalton says his injured thumb has healed, but he's not throwing yet. 

"Not throwing yet but will soon," Dalton said, via "Just being conservative with my hand and waiting for it to be officially 100 percent before I start up."

Anyway, the offseason is officially here, so get ready for six months of stories about Andy Dalton's luggage. Also, good job America. 

Andy Dalton and his wife were pretty pumped to find their luggage. (Twitter)
Andy Dalton and his wife were pretty pumped to find their luggage. (Twitter)