Rookie QB Tom Brady, 15 years ago. (Getty Images)

No late-round pick has altered the course of NFL history quite like Tom Brady. It was 15 years ago that the Patriots made Brady a sixth-round selection, No. 199 overall in the 2000 NFL Draft. 

April 16, 2000, was actually Bill Belichick's 48th birthday. He got gifted a pretty nice present in the form of a franchise quarterback who would usher in a new era for Patriots football and bring Belichick four rings as an NFL head coach.

As a reminder, six quarterbacks were taken before Brady was selected by the Pats: Chad Pennington (1st round, 18th overall, Jets), Giovanni Carmazzi (3rd, 65th, 49ers), Chris Redman (3rd, 75th, Ravens), Tee Martin (5th, 163rd, Steelers), Marc Bulger (6th, 168th, Saints) and Spergon Wynn (6th, 183rd, Browns).

The "Brady Six" as they're known are notable for a virtually total lack of success in the NFL.

It's also worth noting the Patriots weren't exactly clamoring to draft Brady. They did wait until the sixth round, after all. It's his determination, hard work, yada yada, along with great coaching that led to the Pats' continued success. 

Every year the Patriots trot out Brady's draft card and celebrate his selection. As well they should. It's not even every decade when you land the guy who might end up becoming the greatest quarterback in NFL history with a late-round pick.