After months of speculation, the Carolina Panthers finally were able to pull off a trade that landed the franchise Baker Mayfield. The club sent a conditional fifth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the former No. 1 overall pick, who is now slated to be the team's Week 1 starter. 

As this trade came across the NFL news wire, folks were quick to point out a prior post by current Panthers wideout Robbie Anderson that didn't seem like the pass-catcher was all too hyped about the idea of his team trading for Mayfield. Back in April, Panthers.way on Instagram posted a report that said Carolina was an ideal landing spot for Mayfield, and Anderson commented "Nooooo." That wasn't all, as the same Instagram account posted another picture saying Anderson doesn't want Mayfield to come to Carolina. Anderson again commented saying, "Facts."

Welp. Now Mayfield will be the guy throwing Anderson the football in 2022 and the 29-year-old did take to social media following the trade to correct the notion that he isn't happy with his new quarterback. Anderson wrote that he doesn't "have an issue with Baker" and to "stop tryna paint that narrative." 

While Anderson may feel differently (if his previous comments are still his true feelings), he is getting an upgrade at quarterback. Mayfield has been a much more successful quarterback during his career than 2021 starter Sam Darnold and has put up better stats as well. Just last season, Mayfield had a better completion percentage, passer rating and threw for more touchdowns than Darnold. For a deep threat like Anderson, Mayfield should also be able to find him for more chunk plays as well. In 2021, Mayfield's 6.5 completed air yards per reception was much higher than Darnold's 4.7 completed air yards average.

Of course, Mayfield is no stranger to having issues with one of his wide receivers (i.e. Odell Beckham Jr.), but it does seem like Anderson is attempting to talk back those previous comments now that he and Mayfield are on the same side.