Getty's Robin Alam

Matt Nagy made the right decision in admitting offensive coordinator Bill Lazor called plays in Sunday's win over the Detroit Lions. Of course, the Chicago Bears head coach just couldn't stop at Lazor calling the plays. 

In a detailed explanation that didn't need to be detailed, Nagy gave a confusing response why he made the switch to Lazor to call plays. Nagy just couldn't stop at saying he delegated play calls to Lazor. 

"In regards to the play calling, Bill did a great job, and I think that at the same point in time, it's important that we understand that I had to -- I felt good out there as a head coach, and that's real," Nagy said after the win. "But we all get together. We talk through how we're going to call the game, and we do that when I'm calling plays, too. 

"So I think that's important for everybody to know is that when we build a game plan together, whether it's the offensive line coach with Juan (Castillo) or whether it's our tight ends coach or wide receiver coach, et cetera, we do it together, and in the end, I get a great opportunity to say yes, I like this, or no, I don't. As the head coach, right, in charge of all that, that's real."

Nagy wasn't done there. 

"I also go back to saying last week, right, or -- last week was hey, whatever I need to do to try to be the best head coach for the Chicago Bears, whatever that is, I don't care, I just want us to have the best opportunity to win, and I feel like Bill did a great job today," Nagy said. "Our players did a great job. Our coaching staff did a great job, and we played collectively together as a team, not just players, not just coaches, everybody.

"When you have that, it's a good feeling. So we'll continue to just keep talking. We'll continue to -- but again, with all due respect, all due respect, this is going to be the last time I talk about it."

Nagy won't even address if he intended to keep Lazor as the play caller for the rest of the year, even though the evidence is there he should keep the job. The Bears put up a season-high 373 yards of offense and 24 points, one week after only recording 47 total yards and six points. Rookie quarterback Justin Fields went 11 of 17 for 209 yards with an interception, looking much more comfortable than last week. 

Lazor's play calling was nothing to write home about, but it was better than anything Nagy had in his three games. The Bears also rushed for a season-high 188 yards in the win, getting back to the identity of their offense. 

Nagy couldn't stop at "Bill did a great job." He had to elaborate, digging himself a hole that he didn't need to shovel.