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The relationship between the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson appears to be on thin ice. The quarterback is reportedly unhappy with how the offense was run last year, as well as the lack of protection he received from the offensive line. He is now possibly looking at lacing up for another team.

With possible trade rumors swirling, fans and other players began wondering if Wilson would consider their team. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter Wilson wants to continue playing for Seattle, but if a trade does occur he would prefer to head to the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders or Chicago Bears.

That's all Bears players had to hear. They jumped on social media in attempt to convince No. 3 to head to the Windy City.

Bears wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson tweeted at Russ, "what's good dawg ? Heard you were looking for a way out," with eyes emojis.

He also changed his profile picture to one with Wilson.

Bears running back Tarik Cohen also tried his hand at recruiting, tweeting, "you called bro ?"

However, Wilson isn't the only quarterback Cohen is trying to get on his team. He's attempting to get any possible top-notch starter he can. He also tweeted at Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is currently trying to get out of his current situation.

"Pull up gang , ion think nobody got number 4," Cohen wrote to Watson.

When it was pointed out that Cohen was doing a lot on social media, he admitted that he was just trying to shoot his shot while he could.

You can feel the hope of these two players from behind the computer.

Now, I don't think a couple of tweets from players is going to be the convincing factor of a quarterback leaving his team for another, but hey, it doesn't hurt.

Wilson, 32, has won one Super Bowl with the Seahawks. He nearly had a second until the hands of Malcolm Butler and the New England Patriots took the second ring away at the last second. Still, many expected Wilson to have multiple championships by this point, based on his football IQ, his running ability and his arm strength. The lack of an offensive line and the team's decisions have often halted the possible success of Wilson and he could be looking to head somewhere that gives him a better chance to go all the way, or at least contribute his own ideas on how to run the offense.